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We thrive on bringing you the best quality, the best prices and the best quantity. We haven't WON AWARDS for Best Onine store, Best Shabbty Chic and Best Utube Tutorials for nothing!

Shipping details

We normally ship within 5 working days, the store is growing and getting busier by the day. Please be patient, if your order hasn't arrived in the stated times below, contact us and we will do all we can help you! Please treat us as you wish to be treated and that's alway's be respectful, thank you!

UK - 5 working days
Overseas - 5 working days to ship, but it can take up to 4 weeks for delivery, though it normally takes only 2 weeks!

We have been assured by Royal Mail that all parcels will reach their destination, but time frames can be longer depending on the time of year when things slow down, like Christmas/New Year, Easter, Bank Holidays etc! It can take longer.

Refunds, returns & exchanges

REFUNDS - Any out of stock items will be either replaced with something equally amazing or you will be refunded for these items.

If you need to return an item, or a full parcel, then please return it within the stated times below!

UK - 5 Working days
Overseas - 2 weeks from purchase (If you need longer time, please contact us to arrange this).

I know that some sellers will only ship by currier, but in doing so, you are charged a set amount of about £2.70+ no matter if your parcel is small or not! We use Royal Mail because 99% of parcels do reach their destinations and prices for a normal parcel start from 96p if tracked then a further £1.10 is charged, total £2.06

So, its cheaper than using a currier service for such a small parcel :) That way, you can spend it elsewhere on crafting goodies and get more for your money lol!

Additional information

We are most famed for our STUNNING TOP QUALITY KITS. Other sellers are now trying to emulate Jennings Crafts Boutique's amazing kits, but its very hard for them to compete with us! We can barta deals like no other company to bring you these AMAZING packed out kits. Hence why we've won several awards over several years! We are THE best kit makers!!!

Jennings Crafts Boutique

Why pick us?
We work tirelessly to find anything and everything possible for you to get your creative hands on and set those juices flowing!

We sell TOP QUALITY items that you can find for crafting.