Item collection 2cf2d6f8 bd82 4ddb 9fb4 9078e089cb43

20 x Stunning Wide Embroidered Fancy Lace Pack


Item collection 67890494 9124 42b7 a071 0124a5a4128b

A Miniature Victorian Kitchen


Item collection 66ef4a68 e182 48af a52f f3f0609c0aa0

1yd Pleated Shabby Tulle


Item collection 2dc0d274 d1c2 4f2a 9773 a4dadaa93353

48 x 3" Stick Pins


Item collection dc56bb2c 631b 4ccd 873e 17226f2a214f

Fancy Beaded T-Light Holder


Item collection 72e6fad1 e456 4467 88df 7dceb0fd527c

18 inches Faltback Acrylic Trim - Choose your style


Item collection faae9d82 f458 4b31 8de0 c71b5862f349

2 x Acrylic Nappy Pin


Item collection a8be1e70 c5d6 4760 85b4 aaa2f2d05e8a

Handmade Miniature Dogs Bed - 5.5cm x 5.5cm - 1/12 scale


Item collection 2e137b52 b98c 4917 ae67 15f6c2f44573

Miniature Boudoir Room Divider - 13cm x 12cm


Item collection 8d0705f2 5c4c 42f1 95ed dd8f95009688

A Miniature Ladies Boudoir


Item collection faae9d82 f458 4b31 8de0 c71b5862f349

2 x Acrylic Nappy Pin


Item collection ddf57022 6223 44bd a85a f355c4b91f04

Miniature Tissue Box


Item collection 33ed3c69 38c2 4a5d adc5 de988421c1d3

Mini Fabric Stand - Height 5 inches Tall


Item collection 5eae4a97 554f 450d 99e5 43b0f94f437a

8 inch tall - Amazing Miniature Sewing Table


Item collection 23a6502b 6acc 4c75 b8c8 1fac9fc2eb20

Gorgeous Vintage Style Handmade/Altered Fan


Item collection 9bf73ffa aac9 4ac6 ba16 ab3325a915a7

48 x 3" Teardrop Pearl Stickpins


Item collection d5b3f999 c75f 4b79 b104 f8b7f7696b33

Vintage Girl in Flowers on Printed Canvas


Item collection 32a0f618 a89a 4faa a3b0 c4801cce403f

Ballerina Slipper Printed Canvas Picture - (9cm x 13cm)


Item collection 7f0d9a69 7f1c 4062 b4d9 ad7967a2d47d

Necklace Bib Canvas Picture (c)


Item collection 67ac4f2b 494c 443f ae72 bac2ea0de405

Top quality acrylic roses


Item collection 1b993829 b74f 4517 8ed6 76f4bd86807a

Top quality acrylic roses 30mm


Item collection 9df7c9dc 0d53 43ff 8b66 3844b8c90aac

Fancy Glittered Flower Letter - Choose your letter


Item collection d43455cf 20e6 4fc7 b4dd 144032249e37

Birdhouse Kit


Item collection 1b3fa2dc 0302 4e9d 90d3 45392097ac94

1 x Large Fabulous Decorative Plaster of Paris Molding


Item collection 2ccf07c7 504c 45e1 842b d4577b675431

1 x Large Fabulous Plaster of Paris Molding


Item collection 2742e37d be97 404e b4bc 16fe749563d1

4 x Plaster of Paris Moldings


Item collection 1ae9e987 3d5d 4459 85d0 75be5649dae3

4 x Plaster of Paris Moldings


Item collection c099bec8 ca5b 4817 9dd0 1e63e8481538

Stickpin Set - Various Pearl Pins - 30 in Total


Item collection fd842f1c 8c9c 4341 a670 a936606562c3

Stunning Wired Bling Spray Pin


Item collection 3cb7ad3d 495c 4cc2 ac81 07a29153f752

Set of Travel Papers - Great Value


Item collection 1cdc8174 05ac 4914 bc43 4832940ed2a6

1yd Patterned Fabric


Item collection f08cd0c0 ac68 4d12 a47d 53070ebf04a2

Bag of Various Leaves


Item collection af651f4e c397 41dc bf91 d9462a9cd84d

Large Wired Oval Basket


Item collection f3accff7 a22a 4f4b b848 b38dc3149496

Large Wired Heart Basket Handbag


Item collection 5e9eea59 fe13 4b5a a6fb bf15a59553c3

3.5 Inch wide Metal Basket


Item collection cd9ae97e fd2a 4d09 9143 e1935e7bd8ed

Twine in a Tin


Item collection 9424ac28 f476 4067 8001 b0120efcd106

4 Inch Papermache Box to Alter


Item collection 91e2d630 d23e 41ca 96b6 bea85723ad48

Copy of Set of 3 Round Boxes - Papermache


Item collection 998212cc 07dc 4d8a b64a 4d5885ac4437

Set of 3 Square Boxes - Papermache


Item collection 14159618 21f9 40b5 9417 8fab11e53f24

Gorgeous Large Metal Cone


Item collection ba54f2b9 0060 4d63 8fc3 aff302d44cc6

Bag of Mixed Acrylic Pastel Teardrop Beads


Item collection 43b39d10 e018 409d a332 bdf5d816b42c

1 x Acrylic Haircombe


Item collection ceca0e5c c332 452e aea7 fe8712e6b6e8

6 x Acrylic Diamond


Item collection 10b2d1e5 6e6e 4ad5 a45a 6fa2b00969e1

1 x Small Cameo


Item collection 23c3dbfc adbd 473f 8572 e1d1672d8bad

1 x Acrylic Wire Wrapped Heart Gem


Item collection 60a75978 37c7 4ffc bb40 7d7a943e97ee

10 x Acrylic Gems


Item collection 550286d6 172e 4b33 b988 201ceee311fc

15 x Acrylic Randomly Picked Doubled Sided Words


Item collection a7962cad 9eeb 4484 9fc4 970c458f5078

6 x Large Foam Roses


Item collection f68f63c9 4630 4e5d 8992 0c37eadc11d0

3 x 1.5 Inch Ribbon Flowers


Item collection d0499e5d 9e14 4f74 9e20 c4ddf377b2f6

10 x 1" Wooden Vintage Printed Buttons


Item collection d864e5aa 1df9 4a69 a67d 1db9ec72d5ed

36 Inches of Top Quality Chunky Tassel Trim - 3 colour mix


Item collection e512c471 eef1 4245 be4c 05de74f58a6e

Ink Blending Applicator Tool & FREE Pads PK


Item collection 57f1f547 dea6 4fd6 916c 13945a56cc43

Stunning Double Butterfly Diamante Brooch


Item collection 6a598862 702e 41ad b67f bac6cf9bce3e

1 x Kilt Pin


Item collection 0d283872 e2f1 47b0 9449 9cd6cd21801f

1mt x 3mm Beaded String


Item collection afc83ff6 e4e7 4064 8ba8 e59127d5233d

1 x Collective Spray Set


Item collection 7d0e4da2 f0a7 4932 a5a9 5d129374c7ac

6 Wild Roses


Item collection f9f546ed 9c73 491d 9d0a 1cb340e8a5c8

15 x Flatback Flower Buttons


Item collection 7bcad08a 32fa 4caa 8097 9cb92721fdeb

Diamante metal words


Item collection cbf6e006 42d1 4539 b80d 6e3bb1101830

Bag of frosted acrylic flowers


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