Item collection 5e9eea59 fe13 4b5a a6fb bf15a59553c3

3.5 Inch wide Metal Basket


Item collection cd9ae97e fd2a 4d09 9143 e1935e7bd8ed

Twine in a Tin


Item collection 14159618 21f9 40b5 9417 8fab11e53f24

Gorgeous Large Metal Cone


Item collection ba54f2b9 0060 4d63 8fc3 aff302d44cc6

Bag of Mixed Acrylic Pastel Teardrop Beads


Item collection 43b39d10 e018 409d a332 bdf5d816b42c

1 x Acrylic Haircombe


Item collection ceca0e5c c332 452e aea7 fe8712e6b6e8

6 x Acrylic Diamond


Item collection 10b2d1e5 6e6e 4ad5 a45a 6fa2b00969e1

1 x Small Cameo


Item collection 23c3dbfc adbd 473f 8572 e1d1672d8bad

1 x Acrylic Wire Wrapped Heart Gem


Item collection 8fe29ec5 d046 4e30 8ab3 ee3065c3b768

Large Bag Of Doubled Sided Acrylic Beads - Words


Item collection a7962cad 9eeb 4484 9fc4 970c458f5078

6 x Large Foam Roses


Item collection 6a598862 702e 41ad b67f bac6cf9bce3e

1 x Kilt Pin


Item collection 0d283872 e2f1 47b0 9449 9cd6cd21801f

1mt x 3mm Beaded String


Item collection afc83ff6 e4e7 4064 8ba8 e59127d5233d

1 x Collective Spray Set


Item collection 7d0e4da2 f0a7 4932 a5a9 5d129374c7ac

6 Wild Roses


Item collection 6c2ccc2a 7fc9 497c 8fab d63c04301042

Tulle - Felt & Webbing Kit - End of Line SALE


Item collection 2cad95e7 2747 4ced b594 b8b62a54fd8c

20 mts fast colour yarn 2 colours


Item collection e372e5e3 a3ee 4d8f b8b1 36ab5f60c62c

9 mts ladder wool


Item collection 6c422d06 a3c0 4e69 8ad9 ccf8ab2997d3

3 x Calalily Mini Pendants


Item collection aff49168 b698 4974 a619 589c81ac9198

Satin and webbed ribbon pack


Item collection 00c55edf ecb1 4b9c 9463 e2b1595013c6

1mt x 50mm Soft Daisy Design Trim


Item collection be316223 97a8 4325 aca4 588a75e7ddeb

Textured Melt Art Rubber Matt PLUS FREE LEAF MATT


Item collection b92714ab a277 4707 803d 5bf438e973fb

Scottish Thistle Spray


Item collection 3347ed3c 229b 4d9d 9b49 d27e17439d68

Amazing Handmade Diamante Blinged Wedding Bouquet - Special Offer


Item collection 425ba280 3290 40ed b253 6ddf0cc3b779

1yd x Top Quality Satin Ribbon


Item collection d6c5ce56 fbb5 4cc2 be0f 58411e282b8b

1yd Gorgeous Beaded Dangle Trim


Item collection 4a2836b3 4c04 49d2 bb00 ac6c1521d448

Satin Wedding Gift Bag


Item collection a909ae99 2955 4fba 9f4b ffeb4fae70d9

1 x Star Ribbon Flower


Item collection 3f64dad5 4487 4492 ab22 079d249c20bd

1 x Large Feather Pic - Approx 7 inches tall


Item collection ff5979e8 cc42 4b0d a7e3 f7e7438cbb39

1 x Stunning Satin Mini Bow


Item collection 3dcac06a 6d04 4cb5 b83d 2fbed1c2ad42

1yd x 1 Inch Wide Top Quality Satin Ribbon


Item collection 92998b0e cdcb 470d a303 f8434980e180

1yd x 4 Inch Wide Top Quality Satin Ribbon


Item collection 35e95e8c fec7 4ee1 8f02 d07e2aa28909

Foam Rose Headband


Item collection bd702fe0 3f59 47cf ae22 c2204465ebab

1 x Satin Pearl Bow


Item collection f2390578 5a1a 48cf bcf9 aea949ba8624

12 Inch x 12 Inch Top Quality Felt Square


Item collection 7fddaefa 0dc6 4b0f 9639 35e85b582b8f

3mt Double Cording


Item collection 90422672 179f 4d5d b39a b6ca4ca79a91

Excellent Value - Make Do And Mend 1943 (Replica)


Item collection a933b8d4 804c 4b11 b642 814fefd5fc88

Gorgeous £30 Mystery Kit


Item collection 498dc4f4 7b97 4f8b a7c1 09e219d32083

8.5 Inch Handmade Bling Tassel


Item collection 41c2cb11 63a6 4286 ab4e 05bec85bfb56

1mt x 12mm Daisy Guipure Trim


Item collection cfc6ee55 a53c 47fe 99df e5df60a4d245

Double Pocket 100% Canvas Apron - Jennings Crafts Boutique Apron


Item collection 083cdbae e5b9 47f3 b6dc 300485db8030

1yd Pink Elasticated Frill Trim


Item collection abcbb1cc b32a 4f71 a28c 9b181411fdb9

Fantsy Canvas


Item collection 63828593 6041 415e ad93 592f6c6d7e37

Fantasy Cards


Item collection 1704026c 19cb 4932 b854 53dc3094016f

Fantasy Cards


Item collection 46123c3a 729c 441c bf20 cd9fb06c2bd9

Fantasy Cards


Item collection 60913ed7 4700 4456 8b38 5a5cd2e4be3a

1 x Claw Clasp/Fastener


Item collection f48c60fc 9078 46fd b5c5 b82271c2c995

3 x Silvertone Pen Nib Charms/Connectors


Item collection f90b01b4 b8cc 4173 be64 78d6657150a0

1 x V shaped Flower Connector


Item collection dd473de7 5f2e 45f4 b798 659bf5016298

20 inches of Wide Pink Stretch Headband Trim


Item collection 2e1d93cc 4658 4f5f b4fb 1a199f44ce66

Gorgeous 2 inch wide Eyelet Trim


Item collection fedb4f14 5256 4034 b10f 95cd766181ed

1mt Metal Bling Trim


Item collection ec9dfa9b de45 4afc bd12 a1243418d709

Jennings Crafts Boutique Canvas/Tote Bag


Item collection 4139f87f c8db 41eb 8c0a fa83c3c21948

1mt x 11.5 inches wide Satin Material


Item collection 9a2cf88e 01f9 423b b8b3 a5a9eec0c5ba

Miniature Bathtub Fish Pond


Item collection 7ca9379f 4cb2 4a64 9e5c 894d5bcc1337

3mts Genuine Seam Binding Ribbon - Choose your colour


Item collection cc8f2e0f 05d9 4253 8ca4 59699b551dee

Large Wired Fancy Scalloped basket


Item collection 75554fa8 bea5 4d0a b91c 03f0b580ea0b

1yd Baby Girls Feet Ribbon


Item collection 2db8aec5 b6c2 4a03 91cf 64cf33e7f8ab

1 x 5 Petal Ciffon Flower Base - 4cm


Item collection 7de08d0d bc32 4a8d 945e ac156dae133b

1 x Fancy Bow - 4cm


Item collection c5c569da 1713 4217 b8f5 a694439b9cfc

1 x 12mm Bronze Glass Bead


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