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1yd Frilly Soft Cotton Lace - SALE


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2yds Nottingham Lace - Choose Colour - SALE


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1yd Frilly Gathered Lace


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2yd 100% Cotton Frilly Lace - SALE


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2yds Glittered Lace - SALE


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2yd Frilly Lace - SALE


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2yd Frilly Lace - SALE


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Handmade - Lace & Trim Filled Bags


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1mt 4mm Beaded String


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1yd x 4mm Beaded String


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1mt x 3mm Beaded String


Item collection 2e1d93cc 4658 4f5f b4fb 1a199f44ce66

Gorgeous 2 inch wide Eyelet Trim


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