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50cm Of Beaded Garland


Item collection 67ac4f2b 494c 443f ae72 bac2ea0de405

1 x Top quality acrylic roses


Item collection 9c6317a4 3bdf 4a27 95e7 bc9c2884f35d

1 x 1" Cameo - Please Choose


Item collection 4b7dfd9b afe0 4ece bb3e 4d9b8defa95c

1 x 2" Cameo - Please Choose


Item collection 2c91c070 635a 41b7 9e8e 18399343e68c

Set of 4 Cameos


Item collection 05bffcce b934 4cda 8ad5 20fcbaaaa85c

24 x Diamond-cut Buttons


Item collection f7eb1f50 9cd7 47fe a405 1c039d1797a7

6 x 3/4 inch Acrylic Gems


Item collection 91691507 5eed 4f4d 8698 b1008091ede9

2 x Miniature Nappy Pins


Item collection f4484d3f c567 4417 9775 1222bf2ff909

1 x Acrylic Hair Comb


Item collection 60dfcb0f 731b 454b aeaf ae822db7ca3e

1 x Acrylic Wire Wrapped 1" Heart


Item collection 2091895b 0a5d 427b b2f0 0fbad034494a

1 x 1.5 inch wide Acrylic Snowflake


Item collection 53aa1d63 ae25 46da 97b4 a57964c652a5

Diamante acrylic flower frame


Item collection 143d1bb2 a18d 466f aa33 c11cdfda5d59

Childrens Modern Acrylic Hairclip


Item collection bd1f0a0c d462 45fc a0a8 2e42264d4d2f

Bag of Acrylic Teardrops


Item collection faae9d82 f458 4b31 8de0 c71b5862f349

2 x Acrylic Nappy Pin


Item collection ba54f2b9 0060 4d63 8fc3 aff302d44cc6

Bag of Mixed Acrylic Pastel Teardrop Beads


Item collection 43b39d10 e018 409d a332 bdf5d816b42c

1 x Acrylic Haircombe


Item collection ceca0e5c c332 452e aea7 fe8712e6b6e8

6 x Acrylic Diamond


Item collection 10b2d1e5 6e6e 4ad5 a45a 6fa2b00969e1

1 x Small Cameo


Item collection 23c3dbfc adbd 473f 8572 e1d1672d8bad

1 x Acrylic Wire Wrapped Heart Gem


Item collection 8fe29ec5 d046 4e30 8ab3 ee3065c3b768

Large Bag Of Doubled Sided Acrylic Beads - Words


Item collection a7962cad 9eeb 4484 9fc4 970c458f5078

6 x Large Foam Roses


Item collection afc83ff6 e4e7 4064 8ba8 e59127d5233d

1 x Collective Spray Set


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