Item collection fb018163 eef3 47a3 819a 591ac7cf6a91

6 x Bronze Flatplates


Item collection 0c0fc092 fba9 4076 af26 f46b596a9c82

30 x Mixed Metal Gears


Item collection 0376a83a eb36 41ac 8893 ba527733b9b3

1 x Metal Filigree Cross


Item collection 5ce5ad52 7842 49f9 b5be 1a293d41a10e

12 x Hanging Croc Clips


Item collection 5fe23b33 93e4 4ad7 ad31 6ab76c4824eb

12 Bronze Flat Flower Bead Caps - Please Read Description


Item collection c9b4dec5 cb23 411c b935 ad3a5f014502

1 x 15mm Bell Bead - Please Choose Colour


Item collection 5ea2dc36 9d18 42b7 8a05 5ffc54495b49

1 Pair x Handcuff Charm


Item collection b56075f2 b7c2 4c0d af49 551d193c88d5

Metal Pearl Branch Pendant


Item collection afd7258e 8a35 4fd6 919e 0bd9a0682fe6

1 x 1" Diamante Metal Cross


Item collection 5f8b68ea 22dd 4e5d b533 a2a482a6a3bf

3 x Bronze Key


Item collection 55f3f217 28e5 4c68 a191 bfb245b5733b

12 x Bronze Bead Caps


Item collection 7c1a3ac5 7a0f 403b 8ed1 07657b04523f

3 x Brass Dragonfly


Item collection fa615fed 59bc 4a49 b99d f0f672f90c69

Metal Clips/Pins - Please Choose


Item collection c1690b06 1114 4d95 9032 9f9c39f22c91

6 x Flower Pins


Item collection 04985f09 6766 40eb b1cc bdeb59271252

1 x Large Crab Claw Fastener


Item collection c59736be ef28 4fa9 831b d91266298827

1 x Large Split Ring - 1 inch wide


Item collection af651f4e c397 41dc bf91 d9462a9cd84d

Large Wired Oval Basket


Item collection 5e9eea59 fe13 4b5a a6fb bf15a59553c3

3.5 Inch wide Metal Basket


Item collection 14159618 21f9 40b5 9417 8fab11e53f24

Gorgeous Large Metal Cone


Item collection 60913ed7 4700 4456 8b38 5a5cd2e4be3a

1 x Claw Clasp/Fastener


Item collection 7c4f4c4e ed34 4fb6 8db1 e5d51742f3bd

1 x Fancy Keyhole Plate - 5cm Wide


Item collection fcb79fad 8e27 4735 8dd4 6778ee5d10a4

1 x Large Ornate Drawer Handle - 9.5cm


Item collection 5692a6a3 d40e 461f a00b 4445d19f3c0e

1 x Fancy Bronze Ornate Plate - 7cm Wide


Item collection 39e92227 685f 4ebe b13b 0b4dc40562bd

1 x Dragon Charm - 2.5cm x 3.5cm


Item collection 2a6a1b3f abce 4f94 97b0 26ff3916e365

1 x Clock Charm - Please Choose


Item collection aa5bfe25 fb83 4f8b aa64 9c7d9a382654

3cm Wide Bronze Clock Charm


Item collection 26397e1d b2b5 4592 be5e 1f26bd4b4cd0

1 x 3cm Clock Charm


Item collection d96d8235 5079 471b aa7d e2ecbd3244bb

Clock Part Charm


Item collection 54a38c95 32d7 407a 81f5 0d3fb4dafd39

1 x Large 3.5cm Watch Part Charm


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