Item collection e2899aef 4d98 4391 8a09 65fe331c2c52

Acrylic Dressform - 10" Tall approx


Item collection f3b6fa39 7434 4e86 85df c97b10525b45

6 x Steampunk 1" Inch Cabochons


Item collection 1b993829 b74f 4517 8ed6 76f4bd86807a

Top quality acrylic roses 30mm


Item collection 14f184de 0748 4c8e 9cb1 5de388230443

3 x Bronze Dragonfly Pendants


Item collection 8c983558 ec75 4678 8d8f 686a655aa96f

1 x 1" Diamante Flower Centre


Item collection afd7258e 8a35 4fd6 919e 0bd9a0682fe6

1 x 1" Diamante Metal Cross


Item collection 75644a27 e18c 498c 862a baa7b13b0930

Bag Black Crystal Beads


Item collection 4259617a c767 46ed a1ec 770a2f99cc77

Bag of 30 x Square 4mm Crystal Beads


Item collection f7eb1f50 9cd7 47fe a405 1c039d1797a7

6 x 3/4 inch Acrylic Gems


Item collection 5f8b68ea 22dd 4e5d b533 a2a482a6a3bf

3 x Bronze Key


Item collection 55f3f217 28e5 4c68 a191 bfb245b5733b

12 x Bronze Bead Caps


Item collection 91691507 5eed 4f4d 8698 b1008091ede9

2 x Miniature Nappy Pins


Item collection 03e5bbc3 9ed5 4c4d 8b4b 6757e4991c6f

6 x Bronze Bow Charms


Item collection b2d4281d bfb8 45fe 9325 53419940ce1c

7 x Brass Leaf Charms


Item collection f4484d3f c567 4417 9775 1222bf2ff909

1 x Acrylic Hair Comb


Item collection 53aa1d63 ae25 46da 97b4 a57964c652a5

Diamante acrylic flower frame


Item collection f0db92b3 a87e 47a2 8316 7d136134fd3e

None Stick Crafts Sheet


Item collection 12cef511 2853 4393 8a76 5f5fac7c7b31

Genuine Wedgwood Bone China - Vintage Plate - ON SALE NOW!


Item collection 03fa15c8 3f0a 4a0b 9116 a010ad5537e9

Pastel Cone


Item collection 9df7c9dc 0d53 43ff 8b66 3844b8c90aac

Fancy Glittered Flower Letter - Choose your letter


Item collection 1b3fa2dc 0302 4e9d 90d3 45392097ac94

1 x Large Fabulous Decorative Plaster of Paris Molding


Item collection 2ccf07c7 504c 45e1 842b d4577b675431

1 x Large Fabulous Plaster of Paris Molding


Item collection 2742e37d be97 404e b4bc 16fe749563d1

4 x Plaster of Paris Moldings


Item collection 1ae9e987 3d5d 4459 85d0 75be5649dae3

4 x Plaster of Paris Moldings


Item collection c099bec8 ca5b 4817 9dd0 1e63e8481538

Stickpin Set - Various Pearl Pins - 30 in Total


Item collection cd9ae97e fd2a 4d09 9143 e1935e7bd8ed

Twine in a Tin


Item collection 14159618 21f9 40b5 9417 8fab11e53f24

Gorgeous Large Metal Cone


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