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18 inches Chunky Tassel Trim


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Brass Embellishment Kit


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Handmade - Lace & Trim Filled Bags


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New Bling Kits - Item or two may vary


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24 Stunning Mini Bling Roundells - 6 FREE Stickpins


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Stunning Alterable Box Kit - ON SALE NOW! - 6 FREE Stickpins


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Fabulous Mixed Medium Grab Box - SALE - Samples shown


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Gorgeous Handmade Miniature Felted Birds Nest


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Mini Fabric Stand - Height 5 inches Tall


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20 mts fast colour yarn 2 colours


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Amazing Handmade Diamante Blinged Wedding Bouquet - Special Offer


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Gorgeous £30 Mystery Kit


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1mt x 11.5 inches wide Satin Material


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