Item collection 46efcbd8 e9f7 41e8 aeca 4c270066ca6c

Beautiful Shabby-Chic Style Big Pearl Cushion


Item collection 52f087c3 740b 4619 9da7 0ea1e5366da2

Gorgeous Applique - or - Eding Trim


Item collection d02bd43d 89eb 4be9 85ee 397c9562077c

Double Applique Set


Item collection 3837a102 484c 4c75 8e56 c6b283a7181a

Vintage Shabby Bow


Item collection 733d38da 56ec 408d b8dd 47b5b23251d4

Gorgeous Shabby Bow


Item collection e052ef27 a1d3 4579 82b7 dafb273e88a9

2 inch wide - Handmade Gathered Flower


Item collection 164bfebd 5129 48c6 864b ba3ea9f8a28f

Beautiful Mixed Butterfly Card Toppers - New 'Tatty's Shabbyness' Line


Item collection a7bad991 47cb 4b0e 90b8 d8292fa594f7

Beautiful Mixed Card Toppers - New 'Tatty's Shabbyness' Line


Item collection da1cb6e9 e13b 4dde b15a f340298c08aa

Fabulous 'Tatti's Shabbyness' Craft Kits


Item collection bbd83710 6530 448c 908a 831bc095e3c8

Bag of Mixed Glass Shapes/Beads


Item collection 2c577d3e f877 4960 8dd0 b4d68e74cf9c

2yd Frilly Lace - SALE


Item collection 5c3b425b eeff 41c6 bee6 2c9d362dfd38

10 x Good Quality Craft Card


Item collection c4be34b3 2ae3 4fc3 8b39 cba04a7414b9

1yd Beautiful Cream Flower Lace


Item collection 97bfbb3b a028 4d0f 8d11 6d21aa172be0

4 inch wide Round Cream Box


Item collection f62bd1c8 76ca 4bef a4f8 0d0854c9d58c

1mt Embroidered Organza


Item collection 80b0f777 abe2 4feb 9e77 498f549f9c64

Large Perfect Medium Pad - Clear


Item collection d5b3f999 c75f 4b79 b104 f8b7f7696b33

Vintage Girl in Flowers on Printed Canvas


Item collection 03c56d4f 5b13 4503 bdb8 6558c3447f66

1yd Fancy Eyelet Trim


Item collection bccf0fd4 657d 45a0 9d35 95a323996b07

Fab £10 Mystery Kit


Item collection 9f2de07e 4c85 4f5a 8066 dafc9f8c23c8

Fabulous £20 Mystery Kit


Item collection 0026e0b8 ed2c 4d51 85e3 4eaf4b96b1ac

1 x Large 1" Rolled Ribbon Rose


Item collection fb018163 eef3 47a3 819a 591ac7cf6a91

6 x Bronze Flatplates


Item collection 0c0fc092 fba9 4076 af26 f46b596a9c82

30 x Mixed Metal Gears


Item collection 87e46198 0e6c 4b2b b847 f0cd3be0f18e

12 Inch Fancy Beige Zip


Item collection a9d11892 12c1 4309 a3e8 797a547cb6b9

Gorgeous Beaded Stamen


Item collection b947b7ea 30ef 4d30 ba83 45e8a5759d28

30 Inches of Gorgeous Loop Trim


Item collection 16b6bb2d 5de8 44ae a5d8 0572593ef817

2 x Gorgeous Fabric Flowers


Item collection 4139f87f c8db 41eb 8c0a fa83c3c21948

1mt x 11.5 inches wide Satin Material


Item collection 90be3b68 3c9e 44d1 bad4 3bade2fa37c5

Please choose between these two appliques or the trim


Item collection 206a93cd 6ff7 4edf 9403 fc0be1face10

Edging - Please read description box


Item collection 09fc1f5e 601f 4628 939f c4860ac98b00

Edging - Please read description box


Item collection d8661bfa 8c13 45d5 8ffb a54041211f57

1 x Sheet of Coloured Stickybacked Bling Drops


Item collection f27136b6 e80b 4e34 9eb6 ea5661bb45ed

3 x Sheets of Gorgeous Embossed Craft Card


Item collection 41efde6b aacb 4138 ba7a 85b7836fc3a4

Gorgeous Paper Sets


Item collection 4f72a82c 7fe3 4151 acb8 dd8b3f5ded18

'This & That' Kit


Item collection 4e3afe18 b972 4fd6 bf5e 2ffd82859111

Beautiful Macrame Applique Sets


Item collection dd05cf41 553f 434c 8d46 0b2aad5f68d4

1yd Beaded Heart Trim


Item collection 85e6063b 6ff1 434b 8dcd 0b138f777613

1yd Satin Flowered Fabric


Item collection a0132d4d da7f 433a ad9d 75d87a0d8783

1yd Tape Measure Trim


Item collection f10f7302 e4fa 4ae8 a4f5 67e60c142f24

1/2yd Pinkish Beaded Trim


Item collection 517b7ac6 821f 47b5 a3b1 c4160664d703

1yd Chinese Braid - 10mm Wide


Item collection 2a5998d4 ee0a 479d b2bc 63eafd2e1eb7

1mt Beautiful Light Pink 5inch Wide Flat Lace Trim


Item collection d62d083b 1583 4e29 ba3c 4702ba23cb88

12 x Gorgeous Flat 1" Ribbon Flowers


Item collection aff49168 b698 4974 a619 589c81ac9198

Satin and webbed ribbon pack


Item collection 2b44a21b 6d04 44c8 924c f2eca5223495

1 x Ruffled Ribbon Rosette


Item collection 44e3c35b 55a5 47c6 8c38 b67aa69ff959

1yd Nottingham Lace - Choose Colour


Item collection 8ef5fbf0 9f9d 4152 a6ea 6f85a1721855

1yd Crushed Silk Ribbon


Item collection 0c41d088 2777 4fb3 b444 59f980761aab

6 x 8mm Pearl/Diamante Roundell Stickpins


Item collection 3b5f71c8 32fd 4b89 9c83 be0511b70af8

1yd 6mm Wedding Pearl Trim


Item collection 9af52775 785f 49b6 9cc4 0473ecc06b0e

6 x 45mm Top Quality Firm Mulberry Flower


Item collection 945895cb a8c8 48fa a424 299d9b0aac0e

Bunch of Powder Blue Stamen


Item collection f2eef1f4 0051 47c5 b789 df424a3fa25b

New Crochet Ring Framed 'Tatty's Shabbyness' Lace Kits


Item collection dd774943 3c28 49c3 9381 ccf9b2aea2ea

1yd Black Flatback Single Row Diamante Acrylic Trim


Item collection 0c37daa0 e14e 48fa 8cf7 9b79053b1f96

April's Grand Raffle Ticket


Item collection eeb57c0a 5199 4a4f bcda 398ee4aeb644

1 x 3 inch Suedette Flower


Item collection ecea08d9 0dfd 4198 ac5d 385bec173fb5

1 x Lace/Ribbon Shabby Bows


Item collection 4d71c88f 0c96 45be b001 75bd0d04c46e

Mixed Flower Pack


Item collection 9301b93a 1936 4cfa a157 ebe94220428d

Gorgeous 'Tatti's Shabbyness' Bows


Item collection 905c9aa3 b267 48e0 b997 0ed21b22750c

1yd Cotton Crochet Lace Trim


Item collection 8c13e389 1a3f 4f25 bdbf 4f2a29cbd690

2mts Lavendar 1 inch wide Cotton Eyelet trim


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